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Flowers , Ox-Eye Daisy - (Marguerite) Moon Daisy 'for Butterflies'

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Leucanthemum vulgare, Moon daisy - Butterflies love this ! Hardy Grassland Perennial - Imagine little crowds of lovely yellow & white faces that sway in the breeze & in the gusts of spring winds that fling butterflies from petal to petal. Butterflies love this hardy grassland perennial which is a native grassland wildflower, found in meadows & open woods & looks like a daisy but with a larger head & a much longer stalk. Connected with many different folklores & used in herbal medicine to treat throat & chest complaints. Flowers May to Oct or later. Cut back in late Sept once the seed has fallen - Ht: 40cm, Seed Count Approx - 400+ avg

 SOWING - Sprinkle & Forget - This Hardy perennial loves a well-drained grassland & is quite at home in pastureland & meadows which are cut or moderately grazed. Can often colonize open ground if left to its natural devices, Full sun, Well drained

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