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Perennial Broccoli Plant, Nine Star

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Brassica oleracea. Circa 1724. This hardy, over-wintering brassica is a splendid and useful plant, producing a largish, central, cauliflower-like white head each spring, surrounded by anything from 5 to 15 smaller white multi-heads. Tastes slightly stronger in flavour than cauliflower, more like a cross between cauliflower and broccoli. Cropping improves if unused heads are removed before they go to seed. Very vigorous, this plant should go on for years. Height: to 90cm. Priced for a 9 cm pot.

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- 06/05/2022
We’ve had great crops from our Broccoli Nine Star, and got many more than ‘nine stars’ It was easy to grow from seed too. Great plant, I’m surprised it’s not more widely grown 👍👍
- 06/03/2021
I bought 3 of these from Pennards last year, they are still producing lovely tasty flowers and leaves. They look a bit like golf ball sized cauli on what looks like a purple sprouting top that taste like broccoli. Would definitely recommend growing these.read more