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Flowers , Statice Supreme - a Cutflower Herb (Limonium) Attracts Butterflies

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Limonium sinuatum, the Perfect Quintessential Fragrant Bouquet Flower & one of the most popular dried flowers available, a Victorian Era mix is known for its fragrant papery flowers that are used in dried arrangements or in fresh bouquets, is an excellent cut flower for flower arrangements. 28-30 inch tall blooms with a lovely colour mix of crimson red, pink, yellow, blue, white & purple blue, as tiny crepe paper fragrant florets appear early summer into early autumn, its colours are held fast & do not fade, A Perfect quintessential flower & an easy to grow, Half-Hardy annual that tolerates heat & likes sun. With its misty & seafoam appearance, this attracts Butterflies and Bees with its distinctive scent, In the language of flowers, statice is associated with memory & remembrance, and means “I miss you”., Seed Count Approx - 100 avg

 SOWING - Sow early spring (February March) in seed trays and just cover. Or sow outdoors insitu in late spring. Cover seed completely;  Germination: 5-14 days, treat as an annual, sunny spot, L. sinuatum has long been a component in folk traditions & herbal medicine.  Statice is not known to be toxic to humans, dogs, cats, or horses. The brightly coloured clouds of flowers attract pollinators such as bees and butterflies.

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