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Green manure , Tilney Mustard - All Seasons

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Sinapis alba, 14 to 15 sq. mtr - Spring to Autumn sow, Sowing quality White variety that develops a high level of green matter, residual fibre & biofumigation properties (Cleans the soil of bugs & disease). It’s also a nitrogen fixer that can be sown where the ground is still warm, Height 30 to 60 cm, good standing ability. Turn in before flowering or keep deadheaded, Very resilient to the harsh UK climate by being able to cope with drought and cold.
 SOWING - Sprinkle sow from early Spring to Mid-Autumn where the ground is still warm then, in Spring, Strim and dig it in 2 to 3 weeks before you are ready to use the ground. The nutrients held in the plants during this period are then released & become available to a newly sown or planted crop

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