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Wild Mix - Jo's Astondingly Edible Flower Mix , Flowers

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Gorgeous Mix of Tasty Flowers, Sowing Rate: 2  square metres (Approx), EDIBLE FLOWERS MIX - EAT THE FLOWERS.. Suggested by ‘Jo’, A lady we met at Great Dexter Spring Show, who wanted  Edible flowers. So, we created a surprisingly gorgeous mix of Flowers, edible in one form or another & grown in normal garden conditions,( No Grasses). An annual & perennial mixture of colourful & tasty edible flowers that are perfect to tickle your fancy & please the eye. These wildflowers have a tangy, spicy, peppery, sweet floral, liquorice or minty flavour & all will look nice in the Garden & on your Plate, Thanks ‘Jo’ for the idea!  Includes Nasturtium Mix, Marigolds Mix, Borage, Sunflower Mix, Gypsophlia E., Diathus, Oenothera, stocks Mix, Sweet William Mix, Dahlia Mix and Candytuft Mix, Seed Count Approx - 1200 + avg 

  SOWING - These will adapt to most situations where they are designed to grow as per the name above, Broadcast freely in early spring when the ground is workable, lightly raking in if possible & water generously for the first few days,  (Please try not to plant these with other flower types),

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