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Broccoli - Perennial , NINE STAR 'Perennial' Seed (RARE & LIMITED)

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Over-winter - Brassica oleracea, (1724 circa)  THIS IS SEED, NOT A PLANT. This hardy, over-wintering brassica is a splendid & useful plant, producing a largish, central, Cauliflower-like white head each Spring, surrounded by anything from 5-15 smaller white multi-heads, all slightly stronger in flavour than cauliflower, yet more of a taste a bit like a cross between cauliflower & broccoli. Cropping improves if unused heads are removed before they go to seed. Allow at least 3 feet between plants and this plant should go on for years, very vigorous, and grows approx. to 3ft (90cm) tall.  Seed Count Approx - 28 avg. We regret we cannot ship outside the UK  -  - DUE TO THE LIMITED AVAILABILITY - We have restricted ordering to 2 packets per order so everyone can have some.

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