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Caraway - Herb , Circa 14th C - (Rye) - Biennial

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Carum carvi biennua, Meridian Fennel or Persian Cumin, (circa 1440) Biennial - That familiar seed that adorns and is used in rye bread, it’s a member of carrot family, so has with finely divided, feathery leaves & umbrella shaped white or pink flowers, Bi-annual, the flowers will appear in 2nd year, closely followed by fruits (seeds). All parts of plant are edible, roots, leaves & seeds. Native to Africa, Ht: 24 in. its believed to be the spice that has been used the longest throughout Europe., Seed Count Approx - 375 avg 

  SOWING - Sow the seeds in early spring or late autumn. Thin the seedlings to 8 inches apart. Can be container grown but does not transplant well. Reaches full height in 2nd yr. Harvest seed-heads when they turn brown but before they burst & dry indoors

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