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Artichoke , Violetta di Chioggia (Purple)

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Cynara scolymus, Purple 'Italian Royalty' Heirloom, Originally grown for the Italian royalty, A beautiful early-season, famous old Italian heirloom variety from Veneto, grown for its large, edible, globular flower buds, with nearly spineless purple artichoke with deep purple colouring & somewhat pointed shape, especially when young. Exceptional, flavourful & pickled small they have no choke. Try steaming or boiling & serving with butter or Hollandaise. The Globe Artichoke is a noble plant, both for foliage and flowers and worthy of a place in any border. Ht: 6ft (1.8m) Hardy Perennial, Seed Count Approx - 20 avg

 SOWING - Seeds: Sow under glass, February-March. A transplant from late April. Can also be sown on an outside seedbed from March to June. Doesn’t mind salty air, fertilize with a seaweed extract, and plant it where it will stay - Hardy Perennial

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