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Kale , Curly - Dwarf 'Bluish Green'

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Brassica oleraceae Acephala, Scotch or Curly - Blue-green leaves, (Pre 1865) The hardiest & best vegetable to grow in cold, windswept, unsheltered gardens, even with poor wet soils, but happier plots can enjoy it too! Gorgeous finely curled blue-green leaves, a flavour between broccoli, spinach & cabbage, are extremely hardy & will overwinter. Grows best in cool weather, but will withstand some heat. Ht: 12 to 15 ins (Short), & a nice spring green for salad, but when grown as a fall crop, it has an added sweetness that it gets after a light frost, Ornamental & delicious, Seed Count Approx - 200 avg
SOWING - Sow seeds Mar-Aug for "salad leaves' or Mar-Jun for mature plants. Sow seeds thinly in a well-prepared seedbed. Can be sown in pots indoors for "salad leaves' all the year-round. Transplant, when large enough to handle, Pick into winter, extremely hardy

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