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Liquorice - Herb , Glycyrrhiza Glabra - Perennial

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Glycyrrhiza Glabra, Sweet root, Black Sugar (Circa-Ancient Egypt), Circa-Ancient Egypt, member of the pea family. One of those that cross the line between fragrance, flavour & medicinal, A flavourful herb used in food & medical remedies for thousands of years. As a herbal medicine, it has an impressive list of well-documented uses & is one of the most overlooked of all herbal wonders. Contains a compound roughly 50 times sweeter than sugar, A Hardy Shrub, graceful, with light, spreading foliage, with an almost feathery appearance from a distance Ht: 3 ft, Harvest every 2nd or 3rd autumn, Seed Count Approx - 24 avg 

  SOWING - Seed can be planted in Spring or Autumn insitu. Requires rich, sandy soil, slightly alkaline  &  full sun in a protected area. Remove flower heads to promote stronger roots. Harvest roots in 2nd Autumn (Perennial Shrub)

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