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Okra - 'Lady's Fingers' , Clemson Spineless (Back with us)

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Abelmoschus esculentus, (Circa 12th C Europe) - Aka: Gumbo in USA, 2 ft tall, showing flowers pretty enough for the flower garden, yet also bears full-flavoured, fleshy ribbed tapered emerald pods, that are eaten par-boiled, fried, roasted or added to stews, gumbos & curries, heavy production with regular picking, a flowering plant of the mallow family, prefers warmth during the growing period, so would do best in a greenhouse, Seed Count Approx - 20 avg

SOWING - 53 days - Sow Spring indoors or direct outdoors Late spring/early summer, Germination 10 to 14 days, Prick out with 3 to 4 leaves (5 in tall) Harvest after flowers have opened when pods about 3 in long, Likes warmth, (Soak Seeds 24 hrs)

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