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Sorrel - Herb , Broad leaved Sorrel de Belleville

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Rumex acetosa, Cuckoo Sorrow -  Hardy perennial,  Hardy perennial that’s been cultivated for centuries, Ht. 45 cm, called 'Cuckoo's Sorrow' from an old belief that the bird cleared its voice by its agency, Because of the mildly acidic taste, it quenches thirst & may be helpful in boosting the appetite. Lance shaped leaves are edible & added to salads to sharpen the taste or treat as spinach, The edible leaves are said to have a flavour very similar to kiwifruit, or sour wild strawberries. Will tolerate full sun but will grow happily in Partial Shade, It is generally found wild in pastures where the soil contains iron., Seed Count Approx - 450 avg 

  SOWING -  Hardy perennial  - Sow early Spring - Will thrive in most situations & last for years. Easily propagated by seed, sow on top of soil early Spring in ordinary soil and lightly cover, keep watered, but not drowned. Plenty of sun (will tolerate shade if it must) & is adapted to dry situations,

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