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Sorrel - Herb , French or Buckler Leaved

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Rumex scutatus, (Oseille ronde) - Green Appley & Lemony Taste, Used in French kitchens since the beginning of that country's recorded history, With its light green silver-patched Shield shaped leaves (hence the name) that are more succulent, but less acid than garden sorrel, but with a pronounced green appley, lemony taste & small, green flowers, which turn reddish-brown later, use young leaves in mixed leaf salads. May be grown indoors for winter use. Hardy Short growing perennial, Ht. 30 cm, Seed Count Approx - 175 avg
 SOWING - Will thrive anywhere, & will last for years. Easily propagated by seed, sow in Spring in ordinary soil. Plenty of sun & it will adapt to dry situations, generally found wild in pastures where the soil contains iron.. Seeds should be sown in pots at a depth of around 1cm and left in a light position to germinate. When large enough to handle, divide & give each seedling its own 5cm pot.

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