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Flowers , Poppy - Ladybird (Black Spot in middle)

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Papaver commutatum, Bright Red with the Black Spot in the Middle, It’s not particularly fancy or exotic, it’s just lovely. A hardy annual – no harder to grow than the field poppy, This wonderful bright red poppy with the black-spotted centre is an Annual so save the seeds, and if I deadhead it regularly it could flower from June to September, Ht: 8/12 inches, It will self-seed all over my garden without any fuss, But then, Why do I need to describe it when we all know & grew up with them!, Seed Count Approx - 800+ avg
SOWING - it's incredibly easy to grow, simply scatter seed where you want it to grow. Flourishes in any soil and a sunny position, self-seeding freely each autumn. Sow in situ in Spring.

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