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Wild Mix - Cottage Garden Cut Flowers , Flowers

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Selection of Cutting Flower, Throw to Grow Summer Picking Flowers, Beautiful mix of taller annual varieties ideal for cutting - Here's a selection of all those beautiful cottage garden flowers that are just happily growing along, waving their lovely faces in the sun and suddenly you wonder why they wouldn’t be a whole lot better sitting in that vase in the window or brightening up that empty spot on the table. A sprinkle in the spring will provide a constant flower crop through the spring and summer and will keep the vase on that table happy for weeks & weeks & weeks, this mix contains a wide selection of cut flower varieties, Seed Count Approx - 800+ avg
 SOWING - Flourishes in any soil and sunny position, Sow in situ Early Spring seeding freely where they are to flower or earlier in the greenhouse in small pots ready for thinning out. Allow the area to thrive and grow through the season and cut down and gently tidy the area late autumn, shaking seed off seedheads..

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