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Wild Mix - Clay Soil - Grass & Flower Meadow (New to US)

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 33 Native flowers & Grasses, Sowing Rate: 2 to 3 square metres, Mix of 22 native wildflowers & 11 of grass. These grow on clay soils, which may retain water occasionally, yet dry out & crack open in the summer. FLOWERS - Achillea, Centaurea nigra, Lady’s Bedstraw, Geranium pratense, Field Scabious, Meadow Vetchling, Rough Hawkbit, Oxeye Daisy, Birdsfoot Trefoil, Lychnis, Ribwort Plantain, Primula veris, Self Heal, Meadow Buttercup, Yellow Rattle, Sorrel, Pepper Saxifrage, Stachys officinalis, Devilsbit Scabious, Goatsbeard, Wild Red Clover, Tufted Vetch, GRASS - Common Bent, Meadow Foxtail, Sweet Vernal Grass, Quaking Grass, Crested Dogstail, Sheep’s Fescue, Chewing’s Fescue, Slender Red Fescue, Meadow Barley, Stalked Meadow Grass, Yellow Oatgrass., Seed Count Approx - 1500 + avg
 SOWING - Sown insitu (Scatter thinly) from the early to mid-spring (April to June) (or early Autumn), when soil is sufficiently warm & moist for the seeds to germinate. Requires significantly less management than bedding plants. Demand is low for water, Treat as hardy annuals

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