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Carrot , Lunar White 'Tapered Root' (Belgium Heirloom)

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Daucas carota v. blanc, (Circa 19th C) - Belgium White Tapered Root, Yes Really!  This is a 19th-century vigorous, heavy cropping, Belgian heirloom that produces 8 to 12 - inch white tapered roots with green shoulders. A very high-yielding variety usually outperforms most orange carrots, although it is more susceptible to frost damage so grow, with a plan, to harvest in early - Autumn, then replant in spring. Almost coreless, with a nice carrot flavour & crispy, crunchy texture.  Maincrop, Seed Count Approx - 350 avg

 SOWING -Sow thinly May – late Aug direct into rows of finely raked, warm, weed-free soil at a depth of 13mm in rows about 30cm apart. Carefully thin seedlings as they grow by pulling and eating. Grows best in a sunny position in soil that has not recently been manured,

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