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Chicory, Forcing , Witloof De Bruxelles - Culinary

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Cichorium intybus var foliosum,  Blue Sailors, Forcing Endive, (Ancient Egypt) (1850 into UK) Early broad-leafed forcing variety, with large thick-stemmed "chicon" or cream-yellowish, compact oval head of overlapping leaves produced from a harvested taproot & is used young in salads. The white 'chicons' are 'forced' late winter by bringing the roots into a dark but warm place, Flowers Mid-Summer, are a beautiful azure blue, hence the common name, Seed Count Approx - 450 avg 

  SOWING - Sow normally in the open ground in Spring, thinning to 6 in, Keep weed-free thru summer & water in dry conditions. Late autumn cut back foliage to (25mm) of the crown. Lift roots & store them horizontally in dark. Replant under protection Jan & cover for 4 wks

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