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Courgette , Golden Crookneck Pic n Pic (Bush)

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Cucurbita pepo, Spring into Summer Container planting, F1 - This CONTAINER or SMALL SPACES Burpee-bred squash has golden yellow fruits with smooth, tender skin. It's extremely productive and best picked when 4-6" long. It has proven tops for performance, flavour and wide adaptability. These zucchini beauties ripen early and are highly productive. The bush-type plants take up very little space. Ht: 61 cm (2 ft) & spread 45 cm (1 to 2 ft) 50 days to maturity, Seed Count Approx - 15 avg

 SOWING - Likes a sunny, sheltered position & rich soil.  Sow indoors Mar to April into small pots or direct insitu outdoors after frosts, Sow seed just pushed in under the surface & when 3 to  4 in tall, move to the final growing position., Harvest courgettes at about 5 inches long; frequent harvesting keeps plants producing a crop, Water regularly in dry weather

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