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Pepper, Sweet , Indired (Bellrouge) Launched Chelsea 2021

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Capsicum Annuum, Sweet, thick fleshed, medium-size fruits, The plant is vigorous, showing a high yielding ability. Sweet, thick fleshed, medium-size fruits with 7-8 cm length, weighs 70-120 grams Blocky 3-4 lobes, thick-walled flavoursome fruit, Starting green & gently progressing to a full-bodied red in maturity. It can be picked green or red but red has more intense fuller flavours that are nice raw in salads but extremely good cooked too! This beauty is a very good all-around performer that’s best in a cold greenhouse or well-protected sunny patio.  It takes 50-55 days after transplanting for green purposes. Resistant to TEV, PVY, TMV, Seed Count Approx - 15 avg 

  SOWING - Peppers require a long, warm growing season. Sow indoors Mar or 8 wks prior to  transplanting, 1/4" deep & provide constant moisture & a warm soil, germination  is 1-2 weeks, once seedlings develop 2-3 true leaves, transplant into separate containers

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