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Onion , Spring, North Holland Blood Red

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Allium cepa, Quick growing Salad Onion, from planting to picking in 10 weeks, A traditional crisp Red (becoming redder in the Sun) bunching salad spring onion with rich-crimson outer skins and round, generous bulbs. Mild yet flavoursome flavours, Not need to thin, but, if you forget, these beauties will grow into a lovely, shiny ox-blood red, Large, slightly flattened, very pungent onion about an inch across, which is a good keeper, Cold-hardy - A good variety for Northern gardeners., Seed Count Approx - 135 avg
SOWING - Can be sown from Mar to Oct in 3-week intervals as a spring onion. Quick growing - 10 wks from planting to picking, Sow thinly a half-inch (13mm) deep from March to July in rows 4in (10cm) apart. Growing: Thinning is not really necessary, just pluck as you need for the salads, Ensure soil is kept moist in dry conditions, Harvest all - year round.

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