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Asparagus , Precoce d' Argentuil (18th C French Pink Spears) Rare

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Asparagus officinalis, Very Rare 18th century French, Gourmet Pink Spears a gourmet variety known for its early ripening thick fat rose pink spears in its second year from seedling (one year earlier than normal). Produces very vigorous seedlings and is well adapted to cooler climates. Also, renowned for its Very Early crop with a very tender & fantastic taste (Can be blanched white). For flower arrangers, down forget the graceful, feathery foliage that remains attractive long after harvesting, Seed Count Approx - 18 Avg

 SOWING - Sow seeds in Jan/Feb into modules undercover with protection after a 24-hour soak. Transplant out in its permanent position late April or early May. Otherwise, sow seeds into seedbeds outdoors Mid to End Spring. ( 2/3 years to eating), Once established will last for years & years, keep weed-free.

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