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Broccoli , Purple Sprouting - Extra Early

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Brassica oleracea Italica, Harvest December onwards, (Taken from Italy to the USA in the 1880s) Extra early, long season, purple sprouting variety producing long spears with deep purple heads and succulent stems with outstanding flavour. One of the earliest to crop harvesting from December to January onwards. Plants are large (1 meter) & uniform & perfect for overwintering!, Seed Count Approx - 210 avg
 SOWING - Historically a cool weather crop, Seeds are generally sown between February and June. Sow two seeds per cell of cell trays in a greenhouse or similar environment until April and outdoors from April. Thin to one plant as soon as the seedlings can be handled. Transplant outdoors when the plants have developed four or five leaves or sow seeds directly in warm, moist soil. (Clay is fine)

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