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Broccoli , Calabrese 'Green Sprouting' (Italian)

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Brassica oleracea var broccolo, (Italian) Spring or Autumn Planting, (Circa 1860 - the USA and Circa 1784 - UK) - 80 days - Very tolerant of the cold and very nutritious but most importantly very tasty. Usually sold as broccoli in the supermarkets, this variety produces lovely blue-green heads which when harvested encourage the side shoots to grow, this tasty, vitamin-rich veg is easy to grow, producing heads 3 to 5 in across & tall (30 to 36 in), erect, & leafy. Cultivated by the ancient Romans & later an Italian heirloom taken to the USA, can be grown as a spring or fall crop. Enjoy fresh or frozen, raw or steamed, Seed Count Approx - 210 avg
 SOWING - Historically a cool-weather crop. Sprouting broccoli can be sown during summer or in late winter for a head start on an autumn harvest. To achieve the latter, sow broccoli seeds in trays kept in the greenhouse and plant out in April once the ground has thawed. For a later harvest to stretch into winter next year, sow seeds in situ from April to July. (Clay is fine)

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