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Cabbage , Durham Early - Pointed Head (Late Spring to Late Summer Planting)

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Brassica oleracea, Late Spring / Late Summer sowing, (Circa 1885)  - One of the oldest, most well-known & reliable spring cabbages around. Cabbage ‘Durham Early’ produces firm, pointed, solid dark green conical heads of med size with good texture and well-flavoured hearts on compact plants. (very Hardy), This compact variety can have planted closely together for 'spring greens' ready to harvest from Feb and as the name suggests you start picking this particularly early in the season, providing a welcome harvest when there's little else around., Seed Count Approx - 300 avg 

  SOWING - Sow between Mid-July and Sep thinly in trays or directly to seed drills using 2-3 seeds every 12 in. Planting depth 1/8 inch. When seedlings are 1 inch tall thin to one plant every 12-18 inches or plant out tray seedlings to growing location. Grow in full sun

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