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Cabbage , Compact Golden Acre - Ballhead (Earliest) Spring Planting, Late Autumn Harvest

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Brassica oleracea, Spring Plant - Summer Harvest  (Earliest), First early variety fast-maturing ball head type with solid, tightly folded heads & few outer leaves, Heads are five to seven inches in diameter, uniformly round, grey-green in colour & weigh three to five pounds. This is not a long-standing variety; These Compact plants are great for small gardens & a good variety for market garden purposes. 64 days, Seed Count Approx - 300 avg 

  SOWING - SPRING SOWN, Sow from late February/early March (under cloches or similar cover) until early May; transplant in May/June into final positions 60cm (2') apart from each way, Grown best on land manured for a previous crop. Don’t feed with fresh manure or other  fertilisers

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