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Broccoli Raab - Leaf Turnip , Rapa da Foglia - Senza Testa

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Brassica rapa, Rapini - Grown for Delicious Jagged Leaves, Cut & Come again.. Rapini. This is essentially a turnip plant that doesn't produce a bulb and is grown for its delicious leaves. Jagged leaves with assertive flavour. Pick when small and tender. Mix with lettuce or chicory for a tasty salad. Excellent cooked as a side vegetable (boil until tender, drain and then 'jump' with some aioli and hot pepper in olive oil. Harvest before flowers open. Ht: 18-24 inches tall. Very early - 30-40 days, Harvest by cutting off the leaves; the more you cut, the more they produce., Seed Count Approx - 200+ avg

 SOWING - Grown pretty much like broccoli. direct seed them or use transplants. Space 12-16 in a row, 12 in between rows. Set them out any time in Spring or Summer; you are not growing them for heads, so don’t worry about temperature. Harvest (Snip) like lettuce

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