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Rocket , Rocket Salad - Argula roquette

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Eruca vesicaria ssp sativa, Large leaf, High Yielding, Mild Flavoured, This Mediterranean 'cultivated' Large-leaf rocket is higher-yielding but has a milder flavour than its relative ‘Wild Rocket’ & also not to be confused with Hesperis matronalis Sweet rocket, which though culinary, has an entirely different taste. This beauty has a rich, peppery taste, like watercress, being similarly sharp, yet soft mustard-like pungency, rich in vitamin C & potassium. All parts are edible, Ht to 1 ft. Suitable for normal or baby leaf production, Seed Count Approx - 350 avg
SOWING - Hardy Annual - Successional bi-weekly sowing of the seeds will ensure a continual fresh supply. Can be sown all year round in milder climates or given some protection in hard winters or it will die down

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Lovely taste
- 10/07/2022
Large leaf but not tough I grew 6 types of rocket this year but this excelled all expectation.