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Sorrel - Herb , Red Veined Leaf

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Rumex sanguineus var sanguines, Hardy Herb - Green leaves with deep red veins, A staple in French cooking, this hardy herb has beautiful green leaves with deep red veins running throughout, This edible plant (although milder than common sorrel), tastes like sharp, sprightly spinach or chard, & adds considerable colour to a salad with its shiny crinkly green leaves & deep blood-red veining, Perennial, Cut & Come Again - Ht: 12-18 in, Great in small containers on the patio. Called 'Cuckoo's Sorrow' from an old belief that the bird cleared its voice by its agency - Perennial, Seed Count Approx - 350 avg
SOWING - Will thrive anywhere, and will last for years. Easily propagated by seed, sow in Spring in ordinary soil. Plenty of sun & it will adapt to dry situations, It is generally found wild in pastures where the soil contains iron.

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