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Indian Corn , Fiesta (Multi-colour Flint type) NEW to Us

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Zea mays, Multi-coloured Variety of American Indian Cobs, (F1) A traditional Flint Type -  Multi-coloured Variety of American Indian corn producing stunning long cobs (ears) of bright kernels (red, blue, purple, yellow, gold, black, and white) which are edible but not as sweet as modern yellow Hybrids, so not normally eaten on the Cob, but, are at one time pounded into powered state and used for bread or a sort of American Indian flat cakes. The modern way is to be used dried mainly for decorative purposes such as ornamental corn during autumn harvest festivals, Thanksgiving gatherings etc. A late maturing variety & the plants are vigorously reaching 2m but do need to be sown early to fully mature., Seed Count Approx - 12 avg 

  SOWING - Early sowing indoors is best in early spring Late Feb to May, indoor or under cloches in pots with good protection, A warm windowsill is best, Sow 1.5cm deep one in each pot. Keep warm & water lightly, DO NOT OVER-WATER,  Germination approx 7-21 days. Plant out in block formation May-July, into well-cultivated, fertile soil, when frosts are over. Harvest Sept to Oct just as tassels start to show.

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